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Toshiba Satellite Pro A305 Hinges for laptop


Replacement hinges for the Toshiba Satellite Pro A305 laptop, 1 pair (left and right hinge), new, 2-year warranty

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HINGES FOR Toshiba Satellite Pro A305 LAPTOPS

What are laptop hinges for?

Laptop hinges are designed to allow us to open and close the screen lid. You can use hinges to position the LCD screen at the right angle, or fully close the laptop so it can be used for what it was made for; transportation or travelling.

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Laptop hinges   

How hinges can become damaged?

In most cases, laptop hinges are damaged when the laptop falls, or through clumsy handling. They can also become damaged through material wear, when the hinge lubrication dries out and it is difficult to open and close the hinge, until the hinge breaks. Hinges may not just become stiff; you may also encounter loose laptop hinges which results in the LCD screen lid not staying in a particular position and constantly opening or closing. When hinges are damaged, the LVDS cable is also frequently damaged, which is used to connect the motherboard (graphics card) to the LCD screen, microphone and web camera.


Which hinges to choose?

If your hinges are defective and you plan to replace your hinges, simply search for the model of your damaged laptop and enter it into the search window in our e-shop. You will then be shown new hinges for your laptop if we have them in our range. You must also enter the hinge type which is marked directly on the hinge into the search window.

Laptop hinges with bracket


Designed for laptop model:Toshiba Satellite Pro A305


1 pair of replacement hinges for the Toshiba Satellite Pro A305 laptop

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